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Independent navigation 

NaviBlind is a navigational aid that makes it possible for blind and visually impaired people to navigate the outdoor world, independently

Billede af blind person der går med NaviBlind

How to use NaviBlind

Tegning af anmodning af rute

Step 1

A route request is submitted through the app

Step 2

NaviBlind personnel prepare the route within 72 hours

Tegning af person der laver ruteplanlægning

Step 3

The user receives a notification on the phone that the route is now ready


When a route has been prepared, it can always be reused and shared with other users!

Step 4

A cap with a GPS inside is put on. We call it the NaviCap. The cap connects wirelessly to the NaviBlind app

Tegning af NaviCap som tages på

Step 5

The NaviBlind app guides the user through the route, meter by meter. The app tells the user exactly where to turn, stop, and other important messages


Step 6

The user is guided to the door of the destination


Travel safely and independently


NaviBlind increases safety, as the app keeps the user within bounds of pedestrian areas, such as sidewalks and pedestrian crossings. We call it "the virtual guideline".

Tegning af kvinde ved lyskryds


With NaviBlind, one can travel to as many places as one likes. For instance, NaviBlind can be used for a walk in the local park, for a visit at a friend's place, or for spontaneous events. In all cases, the user is guided safely to the door of the destination.

Tegning af kvinde som kommer ud af et bur


Most people who test NaviBlind can complete new unknown routes on their first try. See if you can also benefit from NaviBlind.

Tegning af NaviCap og NaviBlind app

Stylish product


GPS accessory that fits in a pocket

The accessory connects automatically to the NaviBlind app when turned on.

Feel whether the accessory is on or off via the physical on/off button.

Plug in the charging cable in the first try. The batteries are charged via a USB-C port, so you can't turn the cable upside down. 

Cap of superb quality

Looks like any other cap

Contains a flat GPS antenna

Is connected to the GPS accessory via cable

Is water-resistant

The app plays messages exactly when you need it


Turn right softly

The app...

Is built to be accessible through voiceover and other accessibility features

Includes many public routes. For instance, choose a route in a park

Routes of the highest quality

Routes are built on the principles of mobility instruction and are suitable for the vast majority of users

Billede af rute med indent
Billede af rute som går udenom forhindringer

Routes are designed to avoid larger obstacles, such as pavement construction. The routes are secured through the use of updated, high-resolution satellite images

Routes can be made for parks, forests, and other places suitable for a nice walk

Billede af rute i park

Developed with help from

Dansk Blindesamfund
Instituttet for blinde og svagsynede
EIT Health

Co-developed with more than 50 blind and visually impaired people

Blinde og svagsynede testpiloter

Listen to recordings of NaviBlind in use (danish only)

Øjenkrogen med Sofie Monggaard
00:00 / 00:40
DBSU News med Nicklas og Mohammed
00:00 / 04:27
Prøvetur med Henrik Olsen
00:00 / 02:41

What people think of NaviBlind

Sofie Monggaard

Sofie Monggaard, blind

Considering how life-changing NaviBlind is, I don’t mind at all putting on a hat to use it

Emil Buus Steffensen

Emil Buus, blind

I’m convinced that I can safely rely on NaviBlind to get around outdoors

Mohammed Alsaadi

Mohammed Alsaadi, blind

It's almost impossible to walk incorrectly with NaviBlind. It corrects my direction as soon as I'm off by a meter.

NaviBlind appen vist på en iPhone 12

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