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(Copenhagen, Denmark, 6 October 2021) NaviBlind ApS today announces the release of their first product: NaviBlind, the navigational aid for blind and partially sighted people.

Even with today’s smartphones, blind and visually impaired people are still dependent on other people to learn how to walk to new places. And even with professional assistance, most blind and visually impaired people can typically only walk to 5 places on their own. Moreover, the conventional way of learning how to navigate a route as a blind or visually impaired person requires up to 10s of hours of one-on-one training with an instructor and extensive planning. With the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimating in 2010 that approximately 285 million people around the world are living with blindness or visual impairment - it would be extremely cost-intensive to provide this type of training to all people with low vision.

NaviBlind was founded in 2019, and we empower blind or visually impaired users to walk to new destinations independently without prior instructions. NaviBlind is an app paired with a GPS accessory which delivers navigation messages with better than one-meter accuracy.

Thanks to the high accuracy GPS, NaviBlind can safely guide visually impaired users, even in busy areas, telling them exactly where to turn, stop and among many other important messages.

This day marks a major step in our efforts, and we take the opportunity to thank all the people that have inspired and supported us. The positive feedback from the blind and partially sighted community is greatly encouraging, and we are thankful to all the organizations that shared and backed our vision. Special thanks go to the ESA BIC Denmark, EIT Health, Innovationsfonden, Synoptikfonden and Otto Bruuns fond.

NaviBlind is available for purchase in Denmark through our website,, and we offer two types of subscriptions:

  1. The six-month ambassador plan, where the price is DKK 3,000.

  2. The annual NaviBlind plan, where the price is DKK 15,000.

NaviBlind can be either be purchased directly or reimbursed by the local government as an assistive technology (aid).

Watch how NaviBlind works


About NaviBlind

NaviBlind ApS provides a next generation navigational aid for blind and visually impaired people. The aid allows for blind and visually impaired people to navigate the outdoor world, independently. NaviBlind ApS is based in Denmark, Copenhagen, and has approx. 4 employees, with expertise in mobile software development, electrical engineering, and intellectual property rights.

NaviBlind media contact:

Name: Jonathan Sonne Andersen
Title: Co-founder & CEO
Telephone: +45 30 42 72 75

Release: 6 October 2021
NaviBlind - The next generation navigation for blind and visually impaired people has arrived
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